• 3x-regional-pokemon-go-trade-service

    3x Regional Pokemon Trade Service

    • Time until Pokemon are ready for trade: 24-36 Hours since order starts processed.
    • Minimum Trainer Account Level: Level 10
    • Minimum Friendship Level: Good Friend
    • Expected amount of Stardust cost for this trade:
      • Unregistered: 20,200
      • Registered: 300
    • You must prepare the expected amount of Stardust Cost, and 3x Common Pokemon for this trading purpose

    Short Step by Step Trading Service Guidelines (Read Full Below):

    1. We receive your order and start the catching process with our Trade Agents.
    2. You will receive an email stating a list of Trainer Codes of our Trade Agents you have to send friend request to, and as well a WhatsApp contact number of our Trade Operator. You will need to contact the number via WhatsApp messaging app immediately.
    3. Our Trade Agents will immediately send gifts to your account and you need to open them and send us back. We’ll keep doing this step until you and our Trade Agents reach the minimum Trainer Level for this trade.
    4. Once your ordered Pokemon have been fully collected, you will be informed by our Trade Operator via WhatsApp messaging app.
    5. Then our Trade Operator will discuss the time and location of your trade delivery.
    6. The trade will happen virtually, please read further explanation below.
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