Frequently Asked Questions

Super GO Trainers

Super Go Trainers is a Pokemon GO Account Store & Services. We provide the very best handmade accounts and in-game services, such as Pokemon Catch Service, Trainer Leveling Service.

We have dedicated 2 years of experience in the Pokemon GO field and have delivered more than 5000 Pokemon GO inquiries ever since the beginning of the game. Affiliated with the very best Pokemon GO players from around the world, we manage to make our services top-notch. Better yet, now with a very good price range that will of course sensible and affordable to all.

Pokemon GO Account Services

Pokemon GO Account Service is the services we provide to help you get what you want from the Pokemon GO Game.

From catching Mythical, Legendary, Rare or Regional Pokemon, 100% IV and High CP Pokemon, to XP and Candy farming, even Egg Hatching, we can deliver almost anything you want!

And we do not use any kind of bot or automation program and any third-party apps to run our services, so your account is guaranteed safe in our care!

Every services will have a different amount of Expected Time of Delivery. The time will be mentioned in the services page, so make sure you always note that. If you place multiple orders at one account, please total the Expected Time of Delivery. For some services, it will require some items, like Raid Passes and Lucky Eggs, for faster delivery time!

We expect you to not login and play by any means with the account you have submitted for our services; this will of course give delays in running the service and might also harm your account.

There are two probabilities why we might have not processed your order;

First, our account manager hasn't been able to login to your Pokemon GO Account. If you are using our service for the first time with a GMAIL or FACEBOOK Login account type, we will send you a notification via your email contact to verify our login for the first time - after our first login attempt. The next time you order services from us with the same Pokemon GO account, you won't have to do this step anymore.

Second, you might have given us wrong login credentials, be it username or password. You will need to write down your login information correctly so we can login to your Pokemon GO Account and run the service you have ordered. You will also be notified via your email contact if such thing might happen. You will also need to write down your full email address, e. g. ',,', for GMAIL Login and FACEBOOK Login that uses email address.

We have a refund and cancellation policy that lasts 15 days ever since purchase has been made. We also have partial refund policy for running services - please refer to our Refund & Cancellation and Exchange Policy to read more about it.

Pokemon GO Handmade Accounts

You will get a very good Pokemon GO Account that is guaranteed to be safe and secured.

Handmade accounts are accounts sold by players that never use bot automation program or any third-party application to play with the account.

Every account that we display on the store is guaranteed to have the same condition and quality as you would have seen and chosen in details of in-game screenshots.

You will receive a type of Pokemon GO Account Login depends on which account you would buy.

They can be either Pokemon Trainer Club, GMAIL, or Facebook Login depends on the account that you choose as the login type of an account will be mentioned on the product display.

Your account will get instantly sent to your contact email address!

Yes, around 0 - 10 minutes after the website process everything that it needs to process!

If you don't receive the email, please write to to claim your account. Please also write your ORDER ID or your inquiry will not be processed.

Yes, you will be able to do it!

You will have the option to change email in every PTC login type accounts that we sell.

You just have to fill in your desired email address to be attached with it in one of the box by the product page before adding it to cart, and we'll send you the request to change the account's email to your written email after your payment is successfully made.

Unlike the instant delivery of the account that we will send it right to your email after a successful purchase, the email request change will be made in our work time only, so it will be around 1x24 hours ever since purchase. - You will just have to confirm it from your email inbox after we send it to you.

The availability of a nickname change is limited on every Pokemon GO account. There might be some account that won't be able to do it anymore. This will also be mentioned in the account details by the product page.

And you can always change your gender and appearance anyhow you like!