• legendary-Regigigas-trade-service

    Legendary Regigigas Trade Service


    The Pokemon will have a random CP and IV values when you receive it. This is due to the in-game mechanic of rerolling IV values, when a Pokemon is being traded. 

    • Minimum Trainer Account Level: Level 10
    • Minimum Friendship Level: Good Friends if registered, Ultra Friends if not registered
    • Expected amount of Stardust cost for this trade:
      • Unregistered: 80,000 (Ultra Friends)
      • Registered: 20,000 (Good Friends); 16,000 (Great Friends); 1,600 (Ultra Friends)
    • You must prepare the expected amount of Stardust Cost, and 1x any Common Pokemon for this trading purpose
    • Time until Pokemon is ready for trade: You will have a schedule sent to you of when the trade will happen if, or once, you and our trade agent are already Ultra Friends

    Short Step by Step Trading Service Guidelines (Please read carefully):

    1. Your purchase is made and will be processed in less than 12 hours time. You will need to contact us immediately through our WhatsApp chat you can access from this site.
    2. (Skip this if you’re not a first time TRADE customer) You will need to provide your Friend Code and one of our trade agents will send you a friend request.
    3. Once you’re friends with them, you will then raise the Friendship Levels by exchanging gifts everyday until you reach the minimum Friendship Level acquired with them.
    4. After you are on the minimum required Friendship Level with our trade agent, we will then send you a schedule of when the trade will happen. The trade will happen virtually as our trade agent’s location will be simulated to yours when the trade takes place.
    5. If this is a NEW Legendary, Shiny, Costumed, or any New Registered Pokemon trade for you, it will be considered as a SPECIAL TRADE. By which it means that you will not be able to do another SPECIAL TRADE for the day, unless there is an in-game event that allows SPECIAL TRADE to happen more than once a day.
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