Dive into the Swirling Fun: Poliwag Community Day in Pokémon GO


Hey trainers! Get ready for the Poliwag Community Day in Pokémon GO. It’s filled with excitement, bonuses, exclusive moves, and PvP battles. In this article, we’ll cover all the details about the event, from special research to shiny Poliwag and the strengths of Poliwrath and Politoed in PvP battles. So, grab your Poké Balls, and let’s dive in!

Poliwag Community Day in Pokemon GO
Poliwag Community Day

Community Day Special Research: Slippery Swirls

Join the special research adventure, “Slippery Swirls,” available for $0.99 in the in-game shop. Complete tasks, uncover stories, and earn rewards to enhance your Pokémon GO experience. Follow the quest line and see where it takes you on this exciting day.

Bonus Raid Battles and Timed Research

After Community Day ends, make sure you don’t miss the bonus Raid Battles with Poliwhirl in Four-star Raids. Test your skills and earn rewards. Complete timed research for King’s Rocks, an item to strengthen your Pokémon.

Community Day Field Research

Throughout Poliwag Community Day, be on the lookout for special Field Research tasks. Completing them gives extra rewards and encounters, adding more fun to your Community Day. Don’t miss out on expanding your collection!

Bonuses on Poliwag Community Day:

Poliwag Community Day brings a wave of fantastic bonuses to make your experience even more enjoyable. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • 1/4 Egg Hatch Distance: Hatch eggs with only a quarter of the usual distance required, allowing you to hatch more Pokémon during the event. So, prepare as many incubators as you can!
  • 2x Candy for Catching Pokémon: Catching Pokémon will grant you double the amount of candy, making it easier to power up and evolve your Pokémon.
  • 2x Chance to Receive Candy XL: Increase your chances of obtaining Candy XL, an essential resource for powering up Pokémon to their maximum potential.
  • Three Hours Incense and Lure Modules Duration: Enjoy three hours of active incense and lure modules, attracting Pokémon to your location for an extended period.
  • Additional Special Trade: Engage in one additional special trade, allowing for a maximum of three special trades on Community Day.
  • Half Stardust Cost for Trade: Make the most of trading with reduced stardust costs, making it easier to exchange Pokémon with fellow trainers.
  • Surprise Encounter: Take a snapshot to unlock a surprise encounter of Poliwag, adding excitement to your Community Day experience.

Poliwag and Its Evolution Line

On Poliwag Community Day, evolving Poliwhirl into Poliwrath unlocks the exclusive move Counter, boosting its PvP performance. Counter, a powerful Fighting-type move, enhances Poliwrath’s damage output and energy gain. Furthermore, evolving Poliwhirl into Politoed grants it the move Ice Beam, which provides excellent coverage against Dragon, Flying, and Grass types. With these new moves, both Poliwrath and Politoed become formidable contenders in PvP battles.

Exclusive Community Day Moves and PvP Impact

On Poliwag Community Day, evolving Poliwhirl into Poliwrath will grant it the exclusive move Counter, a powerful Fighting-type move that increases Poliwrath’s effectiveness in PvP battles. Counter’s fast energy gain and high damage output make Poliwrath a formidable opponent. Poliwhirl evolved into Politoed will learn Ice Beam, an excellent move that provides coverage against Dragon, Flying, and Grass types. This makes Politoed a versatile contender in PvP battles.

Poliwrath’s Great League and Ultra League Dominance

Poliwrath showcases its strength in both the Great League and Ultra League. With its Fighting/Water typing and moveset including Dynamic Punch, Scald, and also Ice Punch, Poliwrath can pack a punch against many meta in the Leagues. Its well-rounded stats and access to these moves will always make it a solid choice for PvP battles. Topping everything off, a combination of the hard-hitting Counter, the sure hit de-buffing Scald and the nuking Dynamic Punch will improve Poliwrath’s capability in handling many battle scenarios.

Politoed’s Great League and Ultra League Performance

Politoed holds its own in the Great League and Ultra League battles. Mud Shot, Bubble, Weather Ball (Water), Blizzard, and Earthquake. With the addition of Ice Beam, which will replace Blizzard as the better Ice-Type move, Politoed’s standing in the Leagues will skyrocket easily.

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